Apple Music vs. Amazon Music Unlimited, Which to Choose?

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music, which one to go? Both Amazon Music and Apple Music fall on the top shelves of music streaming, scoring millions in revenue and similar subscribers. It's difficult for new users to find out which one is better.

In the end, it all lands up on basic frills and slight advancements that any of the big dogs can provide. So here, we will qualify and quantify Amazon Music vs. Apple Music in all real-life aspects. Hopefully, it'll help you to decide which music app is best for you.

CONTENT Part 1. Overview: Amazon Music and Apple MusicPart 2. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Music LibraryPart 3. Amazon Music vs. Apple Music: Interface & User ExperiencePart 4. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Music DownloadsPart 5. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Pricing & PlansPart 6. Amazon Music vs. Apple Music: Music DiscoveryPart 7. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Music SharingPart 8. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Other FeaturesSummarize: Amazon Music vs. Apple Music - How to Pick?

Part 1. Overview: Amazon Music and Apple Music

Amazon Music now has over 55 Million subscribers worldwide. But this wasn't the case 5 years ago. Amazon started as an MP3 store providing DRM( Digital Rights Management) Free music. It was well known as Amazon MP3 in 2007. But some right decisions made by Amazon in the meantime made Amazon Music stand in the top five music streaming applications worldwide. Amazon has shown an average growth of 49.05% over the last five years.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music Comparison

Apple first launched Apple Music in 2006 as a music streaming service. Much like any other product, Apple, too, shared an impeccable market response. Apple Music crossed the 72 Million subscribers benchmark last year in June 2020. It's a fact that Apple Music is the most listened-to music streaming application in the US. Apple Music holds 19% market shares in the corresponding industry, only second to Spotify at 35%.

Part 2. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Music Library

Apple Music holds the most extensive music library ever in the history of music applications. It has a music library of over 70 Million songs; that's way more than any person can hear in their lifetime. Apple Music boasts extensive music libraries with exclusive premium music, new releases, live performances, and demanding concert videos.

Amazon Music's unlimited plan comes with 50 Million songs with grossing, demanding, and exclusive tracks. There is not a single time any of these applications can't find you your relevant music.

Part 3. Amazon Music vs. Apple Music: Interface & User Experience

Amazon Music does offer plenty of tweaks like a dedicated toggle for the music library and podcasts. You can tap on it from the upper shelf to switch to podcast mode. Moreover, you have access to all of the music right in front of you in the form of weekend libraries, Top stations, summer playlists, and more, depending on your region and time. Amazon nails all of the basics, but there is nothing much adventurous going on here. It does all the basic stuff so well that I am knit-picking at this time. Amazon Music collaborates with Amazon Echo devices in a way no other ecosystem can match at this point.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music Amazon Interface

Apple Music follows the traditional minimalistic look of Apple Products. Though you still get all fancy features like Amazon and Spotify. Apple Music catalog, radio stations, and For You tab are some standout features. Some might say Apple lacks cool features, but the perfection of doing so makes those failings go away. Apple Music works best when you use it on multiple Apple devices; the Apple ecosystem experience is stunning.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music Apple Interface

Part 4. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Music Downloads

Apple Music allows offline downloads of up to 100,000 songs on up to 5 devices. Most people are more than okay to live with that. The Apple ecosystem lets you sync your Apple Music library with iTunes, making the process very sublime and enjoyable.

Amazon also offers 100,000 songs for offline downloads. Offline quality is suitable for both of these applications, but it is more apparent on Apple Music. It's great to have offline downloads feature until you figure out you can't share or export music to any non-compatible device. Without any exaggeration, this can easily be a deal-breaker for most people. Since you always have to open applications to listen to the music and you cannot do anything creative with it destroys the purpose of offline music. And here, we are not talking about any other goods and features of offline music yet.

One of the best ways you can genuinely store offline music is using a converter tool. SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter downloads music directly from Apple Music via the iTunes library. It removes DRM protection while retaining the goods like metadata information. You can enjoy privileges, like not paying Apple Music anymore while still enjoying the same grade music offline.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music SpotiKeep Banner

Here are some excellent features of the Apple Music Converter that you might be interested in.

  1. DRM( Digital Right Management) removal to avoid patents and copyrights
  2. Customizable output formats including MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, and more
  3. No need to pay for the Apple Music subscription anymore
  4. Unlimited access to the Apple Music content
  5. Lossless audio quality with the batch download feature

It's a big deal to save up to $120 per month, on top of enjoying offline music greatness. But do you know how to download Apple Music to MP3? Please download the SpotiKeep Apple Music converter for Mac or Windows from the switches below.


Step 1: Open iTunes first and then launch the SpotiKeep converter. Please don't close iTunes for the best experience. The reason behind this is SpotiKeep syncs with iTunes to bring up your iTunes library in the application.

Step 2: Once the sync is complete, you can see your whole Apple Music library in the application. You can select as many songs in one go to save time. Tick mark the tiny boxes next to each piece.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music SpotiKeep Sync with iTunes

You can customize a lot from the window below. Edit your output preferences, including output formats, audio quality, storage locations, and metadata of songs, artists, and playlists from the bottom of the screen.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music SpotiKeep Output Settings

Step 3: Finally, click on the Convert option at the bottom. SpotiKeep will begin to download, and you can see the ETA of each song. Once the download is complete, you can find the downloads in your local folder.

With SpotiKeep, you can enjoy all Apple Music as local MP3 music without paying the monthly premium subscription fee. Learn more about how to get free Apple Music forever if you're interested.

Part 5. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Pricing & Plans

Apple Music offers its prices in three tiers. An individual plan for $9.99 with all unlocked features of Apple music limited to a single user. Then comes a Family plan at $14.99 that's for six family members under one hood. Every single account member has the same privileges as an individual account for a minimal price. Then there comes the Student Plan, which is a discounted version for students only. This plan comes at $4.99 per month.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music Apple Pricing

Amazon offers competitive prices but shares unusual plans. Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Music which is pretty basic but still accomplishes all music-related tasks. But for an Amazon Prime user, you will only need to pay $7.99 per month to sign up for Apple Music unlimited plan. Amazon Echo users only need to pay $3.99 per month to enjoy Amazon Music. So, it's pretty clear how much Amazon Music supports and uplifts its existing ecosystem users.

Amazon Music vs. Apple Music Amazon Pricing

Note: Amazon Music vs. Apple Music draw because both offer three months free trial periods.

Part 6. Amazon Music vs. Apple Music: Music Discovery

Amazon Music uses AI features to predict music of your taste according to your search history and recent playbacks. But still, the "For You" page is a hit or miss. The "Customer Also Listened To" tab doesn't feel special than the standard media player interface. In a nutshell, Music discovery isn't great on Amazon Music.

Apple Music Discovery is by far the most liked feature of the application. Targeted suggestions and personalized system feedback make the whole user experience very enjoyable. It's For You tab won't disappoint you and curated playlists are on a whole next level.

Part 7. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Music Sharing

Apple Music allows its users to socialize. Users can follow friends and see their music playback and activity status. It's more like the Facebook connect feature of Spotify but in Apple's way.

Amazon Music offers incredible ecosystem benefits. Users can share any song from Amazon music to other echo users with one voice command. Let's say. "Alexa, Share the song with Mike." And your music will begin to broadcast on your friend's Echo device. Amazon Music also displays lyrics which is nice to have.

Part 8. Apple Music vs. Amazon Music: Other Features

Apple Music nails all of the fundamentals of an excellent Music application. It offers a very minimalistic but futuristic approach. It won't change much of what's already perfect and induce some tweaks like Apple CarPlay, Siri integrated voice commands, AI-powered specific playlists, free trial periods, and lossless audio quality.

Amazon Music also qualifies as the benchmark of excellent applications. So it does also feature Alexa support, Amazon Echo flex, lossless HD audio quality, Discovery, personalized radio, and more.

Summarize: Amazon Music vs. Apple Music - How to Pick?

The music industry is getting competitive each day, and it's hard to decide based on the relative greatness of an application. So it all gets down to personal preferences. There is no second opinion in Amazon Music vs. Apple Music if you are into the Apple ecosystem. If you are not an Apple user and are into Amazon prime or any of its divisions, Amazon Music is your way to go.

Suppose we quantify the above information for an average person who is not an Amazon Music user and nowhere near Apple Music. Then things get interesting. Apple Music offers superior controls, a music library, and user experience than Amazon. Amazon has HD modes that are practically five times greater quality than Apple Music, but that is for a limited number of songs and doesn't translate that much. So Apple Music is the way to go for most of the users.

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Apple Music Converter

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