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View and Delete History

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View and Delete History

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter has 3 tabs on the interface - Library, Converting, Finished.

Users select Apple Music in the Library tab. When the program start converting Apple Music, it will automatically move to the Converting tab, showing you the converting process. After that, you can check the converted songs in the Finished tab.

To view the history, you can move to the Finished tab. All converting history will be listed.

Delete History

  • STEP 1. Click the X icon to delete the related song.
  • STEP 1 (Alternative). Click the checkbox before the Name word, then all converted song will be selected. Next, click on the Delete button at lower-left corner.

View Converted History on SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter

  • STEP 2. Two options will be offered - Delete from Disk and Remove from History. Click one button to confirm your choice. Or you can click Cancel to close the pop-up window.