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Fail to Register

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Fail to Register

30 free trial is offered by SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter for users to enjoy our services before registration. If you want to continue convert Apple Music files with SpotiKeep after the trial, you need to subscribe to the program.

After you purchase the license code, the order page will pop up automatically, listing your order information, including Product Name, Oder Number, Licensed Email Address, License Code, and registration guide. Besides, in case the page doesn't pop up or is blocked by the browser. SpotiKeep also sends a mail to your licensed email address.

Can't Find My License Code

  • If you don't have an Order Page, please find your code in your email.
  • If you cannot find the mail, please check your spam folder in case our email is considered as spam.
  • If you don't have both Order Page or mail from SpotiKeep, please directly contact [email protected] to help you.

License Code is Not Working

Several things may lead to the failure of registration, for example, slow network, wrong email address and so on. Next, please try the following methods if you can not register SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter:

  • #1 Make sure there are no extra characters entered, for example, space or a punctuation mark.
  • #2 Enter the email address you used to purchase the license code.
  • #3 Make sure you didn't purchase the wrong version for your computer system.
  • #4 Make sure you have a stable network.

If the problem is still not getting solved, please contact [email protected] to get further help. We will try to help you as soon as possible.