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Fail to Convert Apple Music

SpotiKeep always want to offer the best services to our users, so feedback is 100% welcomed to improve our services. When you fail to convert Apple Music with SpotiKeep, please try some solutions first.

  • #1 Check if the song is playable on iTunes.
  • #2 Convert Apple Music files with a stable network.
  • #3 Make sure you don't close iTunes while the conversion.
  • #4 Make sure your subscription of Apple Music is still available.

If the solutions above is not suitable for you, please try the following.

  • #5 Reopen SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter and iTunes.
  • #6 Install the latest SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter and iTunes.
  • #7 Convert Apple Music files separately.

Are these solutions helpful to you?

If they are still not working, please contact [email protected] to get further help. Besides, detailed information will be appreciation, for example:

  • (1) The operating system of your computer:
  • (2) The version of Apple Music Converter:
  • (3) The version of iTunes:
  • (4) The track you fail to convert: