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Fail to Convert Spotify music

When you fail to convert Spotify music with SpotiKeep Converter, you will see the convert button turning to "Retry", and a message showing up, saying:

  • Unable to connect internet.
  • Unable to connect Spotify.
  • ...

In these case, you can try several methods to help yourself out.

#1 Reopen the software.

#2 Make sure you have a stable network.

A poor network condition will lead to the failure of converting Spotify music. Please change a Wi-Fi and try again.

#3 Get the latest SpotiKeep Converter.

Generally, the latest program will fix the issues happened on the old version. When you fail to convert music from Spotify, you can check for an update and install the latest SpotiKeep Converter.

#4 Enter the correct link.

At present, SpotiKeep Converter supports to convert Spotify songs, playlists and albums. Please enter the correct link to the program.

#5 Copy music track link from Spotify Software.

Please directly copy the link of song, playlist, album on Spotify software.

#6 No extra characters has been enter.

Sometimes, extra characters will be placed when entering the music track link, for example, a space or a punctuation mark.

#7 Do Not Close Spotify Software

SpotiKeep Converter needs cooperation from Spotify to convert music successfully. Spotify will automatically open when you launch SpotiKeep Converter. Besides, when it starts converting Spotify music, Spotify software will play that song at the same time. Please do not turn off the Spotify software or make it stop playing the song.

#4 Enter the correct link.

After trying all the methods above, is your program getting solved? If they are still not working, please contact [email protected] to get further help. Besides, detailed information will be appreciation, for example:

  • (1) The operating system of your computer:
  • (2) The version of SpotiKeep Converter:
  • (3) The version of Spotify software:
  • (4) The track link you fail to convert:

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