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Change Output Format

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Change Output Format

SpotiKeep Converter offers several audio formats to choose, which are free from DRM restriction. Users can choose one of them based on the needs. SpotiKeep Converter requires users to set up the output format before the conversion. Besides, the program has set MP3 format as the default output format.

  • Windows: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV
  • Mac: MP3, M4A, FLAC

Way 1. Change the output format for one track.

Click the Output Format menu of the song you want to convert, then choose your wanted audio format.

Change the Output Format for One Track

Way 2. Change the output format for a whole playlist or album

You'll find Convert all files to option on the upper-right corner of the program interface. Open it and then choose an audio format. Once you make a choice, the output format for the whole playlist or album will be changed.

Change the Output Format for All Converting Spotify Music

Way 3. Change the default output format.

SpotiKeep Converter has set MP3 as the output format for converting Spotify music by default. If you prefer other audio formats, it’s also able to change.

  • Click on the hamburger button to open Setting.
  • Move to the Advanced section.
  • Then, change the default format in the Output Format menu.

SpotiKeep Converter Advanced Settings