How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 2023 (3 Solutions)

In today's post, we'll focus on a most-asked question on Apple Music – how to convert Apple Music to MP3 for offline listening? To help you get a clear idea, we've shared the basic knowledge of why you can't download Apple Music as MP3, and we've also listed a few solutions for you to convert your Apple Music playlists and albums to MP3 files.

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Introduction: Can You Download Apple Music as MP3 Directly?

Usually, Apple Music uses AAC files to store its tracks. When you download a song on the Apple Music app, the downloaded song will be in AAC format.

Unless you have Apple Music installed, you cannot play them. This is because they're protected by a particular type of digital rights management. You can only keep songs you've downloaded from Apple Music for as long as you have a subscription. You will no longer stream them if you cancel your Apple Music subscription.

Because of this, you can only play Apple Music songs by renewing your premium membership all the time. But as we all know, Apple Music premium charges a lot. So, how do we keep our favorite Apple Music songs and playlists as local MP3 files to play anytime and anywhere?

The following will present you with three different ways to convert Apple Music to MP3 files. Please keep reading.

Method 1. Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep

The most straightforward way of converting Apple Music to MP3 audio is to use a 3-rd party converter. SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is one of the best tools to remove DRM from your Apple Music songs and convert them to MP3 or other audio formats.

Why Choose SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter?

People only look up Apple Music downloaders because they have to pay for them. Mainly, it doesn't seem to offer good value for money. Even though it is a premium app, users can only stream online. Users can't share Apple Music tracks with people who don't have the app, and offline downloads aren't available. Additionally, Apple Music is regularly not working due to malfunctions and issues.

You can use SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter as an Apple Music hack. Because with this software, you can replace Apple Music with a safe, secure, and ad-free alternative. It's not just any software; it's been explicitly devised to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Apple Music to MP3 SpotiKeep Banner

Besides being the best Apple Music Converter, SpotiKeep also offers the following features:

  1. There are many output formats you can choose from, such as MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  2. The output audio will preserve the original metadata.
  3. DRM protection will be removed to use the songs wherever you want.
  4. Due to its high conversion rates, it provides instant downloads.
  5. Provides high-quality audio downloads up to 320kbps.

One of the best features of SpotiKeep is that it automatically links to your Apple Music library. This allows you to download your entire iTunes library in seconds. When it comes to converting Apple Music to MP3 format, Spotikeep Apple Music Converter is the best option for you due to its many features.

Tutorial: Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep

Besides being a professional service, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is also easy. Using SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music to MP3 is an excellent option for anyone new to the process. Below is a step-by-step guide for converting Apple Music files to MP3.

Step 1. Get Apple Music Converter and Install it on Your Computer

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter works both on Windows and Mac systems. The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of the Apple Music Converter.


Step 2. Sign In with Apple Music

Launch the converter on your desktop. You'll see a "Sign In" red button on the interface, click on it and log in with your Apple Music account. Don't worry, you can use SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter no matter if you're a free or premium member of Apple Music.

Apple Music to MP3 Sign In

Step 3. Choose Your Apple Music Playlist

You will find your Apple Music playlist in the screen's upper-right corner. Click on any playlist containing the songs you would like to download. Then please select the "Click here to convert" red button on the right side.

Apple Music to MP3 Open Playlist

Step 4. Setting Output Preferences

Under the "Output Format" tab, the MP3 format is used by default. But you can customize the output format to FLAC and M4A. You can also change the output folder, metadata, and sampling rate to suit your needs.

Apple Music to MP3 Customize

Step 5. Convert Apple Music files to MP3

In the bottom right corner, click the "Convert All" button to convert all songs on your selected Apple Music playlist. If you prefer to convert a single song, just go for the "Convert" option on that song. There'll be a pop-up window that shows you how the conversion works. The "Finished" tab in the main interface contains all the converted Apple Music files.

Apple Music to MP3 Converting

Here's the video tutorial of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter.

Method 2. Record Apple Music to MP3

Audio recording tools can also help you record and save Apple Music to MP3 audio. With Audacity, you can easily convert music from Apple Music to MP3 without losing any of the format's protection. Using an audio recording tool, however, may lower the output quality. You can, however, give them a go. The following is a step-by-step guide to recording Apple music to MP3.

Step 1: You can download and install Audacity for free from Audacity's official website. The main screen will appear when it's run.

Step 2: Go to iTunes on your computer and start listening to Apple Music.

Step 3: In Audacity, click on the red record button to record the Apple Music tracks. You may experience a drop in quality if you perform any other tasks on your computer while recording audio.

Step 4: Once the song is complete, press the stop button in Audacity.

Method 3. Convert Apple Music AAC Files to MP3

If you own songs purchased from Apple Music or iTunes, you can convert them to another format on your computer with iTunes or Apple Music. The older purchased tracks, in contrast, were encoded in a Protected AAC format, which makes it impossible to convert them. Therefore, before converting iTunes files to another format, you need to remove the DRM.

If you own Apple Music tracks, you can change the format of the tracks in your music library, folder, or disk. Using the Apple Music app, you can convert Apple Music files to MP3 by following section 1. Using iTunes, follow section 2 to convert Apple Music M4P to MP3.

1. Converting Apple Music to MP3 through Apple Music

Step 1: Open Apple Music and select Edit > Preferences from the Apple Music app's menu.

Step 2: Click on Files, then Import Settings.

Step 3: From the Import Using option, choose the MP3 format to convert the song.

Step 4: By holding down the Shift or Option key, choose File > Convert > Convert to import preference.

Step 5: From the drop-down menu, select File > Convert, then Choose [format] version. Both the original and converted songs will be in your library.

2. Using iTunes to Convert Unprotected Apple Music to MP3

Step 1: To begin, launch iTunes for Windows and choose Edit > Preferences.

Step 2: Select the Import Settings option on the General tab.

Step 3: From the Import Using section, choose MP3 as your output format.

Step 4: Click OK, and select the songs you wish to convert from your library.

Step 5: Select File > Convert, and click Create [format] version from the drop-down menu. Your library would be updated with new song files along with the originals.

The Takeaway

Listening to Apple Music songs requires a subscription since they are all streaming music. If you convert Apple Music to MP3, you can keep and play it on as many devices as you want.

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is a terrific choice if you're searching for a quick way to convert Apple Music soundtracks to MP3 in a couple of steps. We hope this article will provide you with helpful information. Please let us know if there's anything you need to ask by leaving a comment below.

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Apple Music Converter

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