Spotify to iTunes Guide: How to Transfer the Songs

Spotify is a music giant, and when it comes to the consumers, it holds the most significant number of users. While Apple Music or iTunes have their ecosystem. It gets tricky when shifting from Spotify to iTunes or Apple Music because there is no common link to transfer the songs. Below are some of the most acceptable methods that you can use to convert Spotify to iTunes. And once the media is in iTunes, it can sync to Apple music, so it's a win-win. Let's have a look.

CONTENT Part 1. Spotify vs. iTunes vs. Apple Music, What's the Difference?Part 2. How to Transfer Music from Spotify to iTunes on Windows/MacPart 3. How to Transfer Songs from Spotify to iTunes on iPhoneFinal Verdict

Part 1. Spotify vs. iTunes vs. Apple Music, What's the Difference?

For a regular consumer, all of these applications may seem the same. This is partially true since all work in the same domain and same services. But all of these are calibrated to do some specialized stuff that we will be breaking in today.

Spotify and Apple Music are the mainstream music applications. At the same time, Apple claims the highest music library in the competition right now. It holds over 75 Million songs currently. That's way more than anyone will even hear in a lifetime. Despite having such an extensive library, Spotify claims the throne for best music application so far. Excellent user experience and versatility on top is a joy to have. It works at the same fluidity for both Android and Apple users.

People often are curious about the Spotify vs. iTunes debate, and it's all over Reddit. It's an unfair comparison. Spotify is a music streaming application with servers and libraries all over the globe. While iTunes is just a music and media manager for you. It's essentially a gateway to transfer your media from a non-Apple ecosystem to the Apple one. Anything that has to move to Apple needs to follow up by iTunes. There is another query, how different is Apple Music from iTunes. The answer is Apple Music is the parent, and it can sync to the iTunes library. iTunes library can hold your media and sync it between your devices, primarily acting as a cloud library.

Spotify offers a basic free version that limits the basic features like unlimited skips and shuffle, offline downloads, and high-quality music. But you can ask much for free. In comparison, Apple offers no less than the premium package that costs $9.99 per month. iTunes is free to use the library because it has no content of its own, and you can use it as your media manager. iTunes isn't entirely free. We all know Apple there is always some price. There is some exclusive content on iTunes that requires a fee.

Part 2. How to Transfer Music from Spotify to iTunes on Windows/Mac

Transferring your music from Spotify to iTunes on Windows/ Mac is a two-way process. First, you need to download your Spotify songs to your Desktop. And then use your local music to sync to iTunes. We have converted both of these below. Let's have a look at both in our detailed step-by-step guide.

STAGE 1: Download Songs from Spotify into Your Desktop

SpotiKeep Converter is an offline music downloader for those who can't get over Spotify and want to keep Spotify music as MP3 permanently. How we visualize offline music is different from what Spotify defines it. SpotiKeep converter translates the encoded Ogg Vibs channel into relatively simple MP3 tracks and stores it in your local disc. And that's not the only area of concern where it takes the lead. You don't even need a paid premium Spotify account to enjoy the greatness of the SpotiKeep converter. Let's have a look at the complete set of features SpotiKeep converter offers.

  1. Removes the DRM (Digital Right Management) so that you can enjoy your music without involving any Copyright issues.
  2. Customizable output formats make it easy to let the use of the additional versatility
  3. Keeps the original ID3 tags of artists, albums, and songs
  4. High conversion rates to make your downloads quick
  5. Lossless quality with batch downloads

The SpotiKeep Converter is fairly identical on both platforms, Windows and Mac. And you won't find any potential differences when it comes to operating them. We have laid down the download guides for both of our readers. Let's have a look at How to download Spotify songs on a desktop.

How to Download Spotify Playlists with SpotiKeep

Step 1: Download and install the SpotiKeep Converter. And then launch the application.

1Free Download 1Free Download

Step 2: Copy-paste the URL of the song you want to download from Spotify into the empty bar in the SpotiKeep converter. Click on Add File to save the music in the queue. Repeat the action to save more songs in the row for batch downloads.

Step 3: Customize the output format of the music by tapping on the format toggle on the top right corner. By default, it's set to MP3, but you can customize it to MP4, FLAC, WAV, and AAC formats. You can also alter the storage locations by pressing the Browse option on the lower-left corner of your SpotiKeep Home screen.

Step 4: Make sure you have done all things right, and then click on the Convert located at the bottom right. This will initiate the magic, and you will happen in your storage in just a few seconds. Don't expect anything less from the converter. You won't feel a tiny bit of Difference if not better.

STAGE 2: Transfer the Downloaded Music to iTunes Library

Apple has its way of operating its ecosystem that may cause a fair amount of hindrance. But what can we do? The only way to transfer media from a non-Apple device to an Apple device is to use iTunes? Now that you have downloaded the music from Spotify, it's time to convert it to the iTunes library. iTunes is the gateway to the Apple ecosystem. You can sync it to iCloud or Apple Music or transfer it to any Appel device. Let's see how it works.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Desktop. Click on File.

Step 2: Now tap on Add File to the library. It will open up a browse window for you.

Step 3: Select the file you want to upload to iTunes and open it. You can see your files start to upload in iTunes.

Part 3. How to Transfer Songs from Spotify to iTunes on iPhone

There is no direct communication between Spotify and Apple Music or iTunes, and there is more to it than these compete. Apple limits itself to its ecosystem and creates unnecessary security against the non-Apple devices and applications. So now we know there needs to be a medium to transfer the Spotify songs to iTunes on iPhone. Out of all, SongShift is a more reliable application to do so. Follow the steps below to shift your songs from Spotify to iTunes on iPhone.

Step 1: Download and install the SongShift application for iOS. The app is exclusively for Apple users and offers no version for Android.

Step 2: Launch the application, click on Get Started. Then select Spotify, and after that, choose Apple Music as your destination under available services. Allow permissions to SongShift to access Spotify and Apple Music content.

Step 3: Select any folder you want to shift by tapping on Spotify and then tap on Apple Music as your destination folder. Tap on Create New playlist. You can customize the name of the folder. Finally, tap Ok and then process. You can see the songs shift from Spotify to Apple Music.

You can batch download songs by queuing them and then processing them all together. The process is generally quick, but it depends on the songs you are shifting. It doesn't matter if the time is a little more. The good thing is it gets the job done.

Final Verdict

Spotify and Apple Music are a complete package for anyone who wants to have music on the go. But both of these apps are for different types of consumers. Apple users stay loyal to Apple Music, and shifting from one ecosystem to another is a mess.

Since Apple doesn't allow any Google backup, we've offered you other solutions on how to download music from Spotify to iTunes. We have also compared hot music channels like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

You can also download your greatest tracks from Spotify and Apple Music using SpotiKeep Converter and SpotiKeep Apple Music converter, respectively. Here is our expert guide. Scroll to find the bonus tip to export your Apple Music to mp3 on a local device. If you are looking for a way to download Spotify music to mp3, have a look at our expert guide also.

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