How to Record Music from Spotify on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Free Spotify recorders are everywhere, but do all of them work well? We've tested some Spotify recorders for desktop and mobile devices for you and ready to answer your queries. Today, let's explore the topic "how to record music from Spotify."

CONTENT 1. Record Spotify to MP3 with SpotiKeep Converter2. Spotify Web Recorder: CodePlex3. Record Spotify with Audacity (Windows & Mac)4. Spytify Spotify Recorder (Windows)5. Dojotech Spotify Recorder (Windows)6. SynciOS Audio Recorder (Android)7. Smart Recorder (Android)8. GarageBand Spotify Recorder (iOS)9. miidio Spotify Recorder (Android)Final Words

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1. Record Spotify to MP3 with SpotiKeep Converter

How to record Spotify music? SpotiKeep Converter is the ultimate solution to this question. SpotiKeep Converter downloads the track from Spotify directly without any intervention of any chrome or web extensions.

The method of "recording" songs from Spotify is simple; it won't need a Spotify application or web player to record Spotify to MP3. Moreover, the songs save up in the local storage of your desktop. SpotiKeep Converter can record your Spotify to MP3 and similar output formats with just one click.


  1. No need to have a Spotify application or Spotify Web player
  2. DRM (Digital Right Management) removal for protection against Copyright claims
  3. Retains the original metadata information for the songs, artists, and playlists
  4. Lossless audio quality and batch download feature


It's a paid tool and can only be used for 30 days as a free trial.

How to record songs from Spotify with SpotiKeep Converter:

Now let's follow the three-step process to download music from Spotify to MP3.

Step 1: Launch the SpotiKeep Converter and drop the link to the song you want to download. You can find the link on the web browser. Paste it into the empty bar on the Convert. For batch downloads, click on Add File and repeat the process after each addition of a song.

Step 2: Customize your output preferences. Choose the output music format from the toggle at the right corner. And choose the storage location of your recordings from Browse at the bottom left.

Step 3: Now click on Convert at the bottom right corner. Your recordings will start immediately and soon transfer to your designated local storage. That's it for the lossless audio you can ever get from a Spotify recorder.

2. Spotify Web Recorder: CodePlex

CodePlex Spotify Web Recorder is a free Spotify recorder with an inbuilt extension for Spotify web player. It doesn't operate on the Spotify app. Instead, it uses the Spotify web player. With the help of the inbuilt Spotify window, you can navigate and record songs without any concerns.

Since the Spotify web page and application offer a similar user experience, it will be hard to tell it lacks any feature and usability of the original application. Plus, the ease of playing on the integrated window is phenomenal. All you need to do is push the other window's record button. It's as simple as navigating through Google Tabs.

CodePlex Spotify recorder offers deep configurations related to the music you are recording. It gives you the option to change the bitrate, storage location of your recordings, an option to a stereo mix, and information about the recorded tracks. The stereo mix feature is quite helpful and sometimes absurd. It's because the Spotify Web Recorder will record any audio happening on the screen. This means you need to stop any other from playing to record the pure sound of your Spotify music.

Features of the CodePlex Spotify Web Recorder:

  1. It's a free web-based Spotify recorder
  2. It can skip ads and delay the gap between songs
  3. Customizable bit rates and storage location of songs
  4. Its records from Spotify web player and not Spotify application


  1. It can degrade the quality of the song a little bit
  2. Not being able to record from the application itself can be a dealbreaker for some people.

3. Record Spotify with Audacity (Windows & Mac)

Audacity is one of the most popular digital media organizers. It can pull off and record audio from Fiverr on Mac and Windows. It offers more versatility than that in the controls department. Users can now control the music mixing, editing, and audio effects right within the application. You can instantly customize basic editing needs like fading in and fading out of your song, trimming, and balancing music.

How to record Spotify with Audacity:

Step 1: In the edit section of the toolbar, select preferences and select host in the Audio Host box. It's common to use Windows WASAPI as an audio host.

Step 2: Under recording in the toolbar, turn off the Software playthrough of input to avoid any re-recording of the echoing songs.

Step 3: Now, you can start recording the audio by pressing the red record button. To pause/end the recording, click on the Stop square in the back. You can, later on, customize the audio according to your preferences.

Features of Audacity Spotify Recorder:

  1. It's a Spotify recorder for Mac and Windows.
  2. Users can mix the songs and adjust the audio effects accordingly.
  3. It provides deep controls related to music recording and controlling. All settings embed in the toolbar section of the Audacity.

Cons of Audacity Spotify Recorder:

Audio effects plug-ins are missing in the application. Audacity lacks real-time effects and equalizer settings due to the lack of plug-ins.

4. Spytify Spotify Recorder (Windows)

Spytify is a file that enables to record Spotify music. What makes this one different from the rest of the Spotify recorders is it automatically blocks any ads and music in the background to provide the best output results. Syptify translates the true audio quality of what Spotify offers. This means with the accessible version of Spotify. One can enjoy recording up to 128 kbps. For a premium account with the best available internet connection, the recording bit rates can roughly double to 320 kbps.

Syptify retains the original metadata information of the tracks while automatically splitting different songs into different files. It's an intelligent feature if you want to record multiple pieces in a flow. It will automatically assign each one a different origin.

Features of Spytify Spotify Recorder:

  1. Blocks ad while recording music
  2. Mute nay background sounds of the system, including notifications and audio playbacks
  3. Audio quality by Spytify is the actual playback quality of Spotify
  4. Max out the volume of songs while recording to maintain yardsticks with Spotify


The user interface may be tricky to some people, and the file is for Windows only.

5. Dojotech Spotify Recorder (Windows)

Dojotech Spotify Recorder is an old-fashioned music recorder for Spotify. It's not for everyone but for a particular class of people who would love to use it. It's evident since this program only supports Windows XP/2000/98 or lower models. By today's standards, if you want a Spotify recorder for windows 10, you might have to choose from the others on the list.

Many questions like how to record from Spotify don't exist when using Dojotech recorder because it can automatically detect when the song is playing and start recording immediately. It implies that the volume must be loud enough to be perfectly hearable. And Your system should unmute while recording.

Features of Dojotech Spotify Recorder:

  1. Free and simple to use application
  2. Customizable file tags and metadata of songs

Cons of Dojotech Spotify Recorder:

  1. It works only for Windows XP,2000,98 or lower models
  2. Provides moderate to lower audio output

6. SynciOS Audio Recorder (Android)

SynciOS Audio Recorder is a recording tool for Spotify music. It cannot record any other microphone activities. And you also need to have special permissions like root access to use the application. The app releases an extension that lets you control recording and related settings from a floating bar.

7. Smart Recorder (Android)

Smart Recorder for Android is a simple and easy-to-use software that you can quickly get from the Play store without any special requirements. This app holds 40 Million downloads, which clearly states it's one of the best Spotify recorders for Android. Tap on the record button in the application, and you are good to go.

8. GarageBand Spotify Recorder (iOS)

Apple allows only a handful of developers to introduce their application for IOS. And GarageBand is one of them. It's not just a recording tool. It's the recording tool that offers a complete range of controls and customizations over recording Spotify music. It can easily be the best Spotify recorder for Android.

9. miidio Spotify Recorder (Android)

miidio Spotify Recorder enables users to record Spotify music in incompressible to MP3 audio formats. The application also provides an inbuilt feature to record lively audio and its feedback via wired headphones. You can also share the recording on social media via a URL link. The application offers live coding for devices that support it and the PCM format for others to transcode later.

Final Words

Recording audio from Spotify can be troublesome, especially if you don't know how to record Spotify. That's why we have mentioned the top 9 Spotify recorders for Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS. We have also mentioned the working procedure of some of the finest to understand how things work.

If you still have any query left related to recording songs from Spotify, let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with a proper answer as soon as possible.

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