How to Crack Spotify Accounts (Spotify Premium Cracked)

Nobody likes repulsive Spotify ads. And limiting factors like not being able to skip, shuffle or even enjoy songs of high audio quality. For most people paying for a premium subscription is the only solution. Many people end up paying almost $120 a year. There are multiple ways to avoid paying for such subscriptions. One of which is to use Spotify cracked PC. Let's break that down in part below.

CONTENT Part 1. About Spotify Cracked PCPart 2. Get Spotify Cracked for WindowsPart 3. Spotify Premium Cracked for MacPart 4. Best Spotify Premium Cracked Alternative on PCPart 5. How to Crack Spotify AccountsFinal Verdict

Part 1. About Spotify Cracked PC

Before diving into how you can get Spotify cracked for Windows and Mac, let's build a basic understanding of Spotify cracked versions. This will ease the process as we proceed.

1. What is Spotify Cracked for PC?

A cracked software means unlocking its features without having to pay for it. In this case, Spotify cracked PC implies that users can access all premium account features without paying for it. An application will have some active protection mechanisms to avoid any cracking of the application. But some definite ways can bypass this security. We will get there in a bit.

Spotify Cracked PC Banner

You might be wondering whether there are decent advantages of Spotify cracked version to validate its usage. Yes, it does have a strong base. A perfect cracked Spotify app should offer these features:

  1. No ads
  2. No limit of downloads
  3. DRM cure
  4. Super high-quality audio
  5. Unlimited shuffle and skips
  6. No ring lock
  7. No subscription required

Suppose we furnish that in one sentence. Spotify cracked version unlocks every premium feature, plus adding some bonus features on the top.

2. Is Spotify Premium Cracked PC Safe?

The primary concern for users of cracked software is that it's a welcome party for all sorts of malware and viruses. There is no guarantee for Spotify to crack to validate in case of viruses happening. But if you go for reputable sources, you can surely stay safe while using Spotify premium cracked.

3. Where to Download Spotify Premium PC Crack?

Trying multiple cracked versions is not worth it, especially when there is a risk for viruses and malware. There're some discussions on Reddit about Spotify premium cracked PC. You can find some download resources there or on GitHub.

If you have to infect your system with malicious attacks, we've collected a few download resources for you in the next part.

Part 2. Get Spotify Cracked for Windows

Spotify is available for all platforms, including mobile, windows, Mac, and some gaming stations. And so are the cracked versions to support the full functionality of the original application. Spotify cracked versions for windows allow its users to enjoy unlimited music without having to pay for it if you haven't yet found the best-cracked version for you. Or if you are having trouble setting it up on your PC. Then this guide may help.

How to Download Spotify Cracked for Windows

We've found the best Windows cracked Spotify for you on GitHub. It supports blocking all ads within the Spotify app, unlocking the skip function, retaining friend, radio, and vertical video functions.

Here is how to download Spotify's cracked version for Windows in three simple steps.

Step 1: Please check if your computer matches these conditions:

  1. Windows system and Spotify are both the latest versions
  2. Go to "Windows Security" and find "Virus & Threat Protection." Choose "Allowed threats" and tick on "Remove all allowed threats."

Spotify Cracked PC Windows Security

Step 2: Open the GitHub BlockTheSpot page on your web browser. Scroll your mouse and go the the "Installation/Update" part below. Click "BlockTheSpot.bat," and your browser will start downloading.

Spotify Premium Cracked PC BlockTheSpot Download

Step 3: Run the given command in PowerShell.

Spotify Cracked PC BlockTheSpot Run Command

NOTE: BlockTheSpot doesn't support downloading music from Spotify. If you're looking for a Spotify premium cracked that contains the download feature, please visit this YouTube video guide.

Part 3. Spotify Premium Cracked for Mac

Mac is more than just a desktop. It's a treat to listen to Spotify music while doing what you love, especially when it's unlimited music with all controls for free. A lot of people have a habit of working well with some background music. A Spotify cracked versions works as a perfect solution. Mac is usually tricky with third-party installations. But with the method below, you can rest assured it will work as fine as the paid version.

How to Download Spotify Cracked for Mac

Step 1: Go to and search for "Spotify Premium Cracked Latest 2022 (PC/Mac)."

Step 2: Scroll down the page and click on the "Download Now" button. Your web browser will automatically start downloading the dmg file.

Spotify Cracked PC Mac Download

Step 3: Run the downloaded dmg file on your Mac computer, and you'll get a cracked Spotify premium version. Now you can enjoy free Spotify premium on your Mac.

Part 4. Best Spotify Premium Cracked Alternative on PC

Spotify cracked PC version sure helps in unlocking some features of a free account. But if you lend an outside view, you might realize you are still inside the Spotify application. You have to open Spotify to listen to the songs. You cannot share, transfer or edit any file. It is just that you are now able to access a premium account at no cost at all. So what's the permanent solution?

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is the permanent solution to all of your Spotify-related issues. Whether it's a bug, glitch, or you want a satisfactory user experience; this is it - no need to stay in the Spotify bounders to enjoy the premium Spotify music. You can fetch the whole 70 Million library of Spotify and make it your MP3 collection while saving it in your local disc. You can do all you want with the music files, including sharing, editing, and more.

Spotify Cracked PC SpotiKeep Converter

Let's have a look at the features SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is offering. SpotiKeep users don't need to pay for Spotify's premium subscription, saving $120 annually on an average. Precisely, here is a comprehensive list of some of its absolute best features:

  1. Removal and protection against DRM (Digital Right Management)
  2. Loads of customizable output formats
  3. Premium audio quality similar to what Spotify offers
  4. Maintains the artist and song information, so it looks the same in your local playlist
  5. Super convenient and fast conversions for your songs
  6. No need for a Spotify premium account

So now you have finally decided if SpotiKeep is worth it. Here are the toggles to download the SpotiKeep version for Mac and Windows.


Let's now take a look at how to convert Spotify to MP3 with three easy steps below.

Step 1: Copy-Paste the URL of the song you want to download. You can find it on the Spotify web browser or the Spotify app. Have you already copied it? Now drop that in the URL section in the SpotiKeep application.

If you are up to multiple songs, click on Add File after adding each URL. This will save your previous music to the queue.

Spotify Premium Cracked PC SpotiKeep Add File

Step 2: Adjust your download preferences like audio formats and storage locations. Select any feasible format for you from the formats section from the upper right hand. Storage locations are also customizable just by a click on the brose option to the lower left.

Spotify Premium Cracked PC SpotiKeep Customize

Step 3: After completing your presets for the songs, click on Convert. The download will start instantly. High conversion rates should kick in high converting speeds for your songs. Once completed, you can find pieces at your desired location.

Cracked Spotify SpotiKeep Converting

Part 5. How to Crack Spotify Accounts

Another way to enjoy Spotify premium features for free is to use a cracked Spotify premium account. But it's tricky to get a cracked account that works stably.

Some websites provide public premium accounts for shared usage. However, some users won't act responsibly and change credentials for the free cracked Spotify premium accounts. It will cause these public accounts to be disabled very soon. Here we list some of the free cracked Spotify premium accounts we gathered on the internet. Please remember in mind, don't change any user settings when you're using these accounts.

List of Valid Crack Spotify Accounts

Email Password
[email protected] kedar1##
[email protected] selena87
[email protected] kedar1##
[email protected] kedar
[email protected] joker2891
[email protected] sandra2506

Final Verdict

Cracked versions of trending applications are everywhere. Most of which are unhealthy for your PC. These often result in malware and virus attacks. So, where to find a reliable Spotify cracked version for Windows and Mac? We have listed all the trustworthy resources for you.

But to avoid virus issues, we recommend you use the SpotiKeep Converter to crack all Spotify limitations safely. Would you please let us know if you still have anything confused in your minds relating to Spotify cracked PC? We would love to help. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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