[Fixed] Spotify Not Working? Find Out Problems & Solutions

Many people enjoy Spotify music every day. But at times, the app refuses to respond, or the web player stops working, making us wonder why is Spotify not working. Bugs and glitches are apparent, but there are possible solutions for every scenario. Allow us to help you with Spotify’s problems and solutions.

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Problem 1. Spotify Web Player Not Working

Spotify web player is a well-optimized web player, and the recent updates have made it resemble a lot more to the original application. But this doesn’t mean it’s flawless. You are not alone if you wonder why it isn’t Spotify web player working? A lot of our readers fall prey to that. But don’t worry, we have simplified the solution into two easy steps.

Solution 1. The first thing you should do is clear all of your cookies and cache data. The raw data stored in the website makes it perform better according to consumer preferences. But over time, these accumulate and may cause glitches in the normal usage.

Solution 2. Ad-blockers often cause discrepancies and deficiencies in the ordinary application course. It is nothing wrong with the ad-blocker, but it hinders the application. In 2017, the Spotify web player stopped working in the Safari web browser due to its ad-blocking and software incompatibilities. But now that Spotify rereleased it in 2020 and it’s at par with the Spotify application in performance. Disable the ad-blocker you are using for the Spotify domain, and that’s all you need to do. Now you know what to do if the Spotify web player not working.

Problem 2. Spotify App Not Working

Spotify often updates its application to add new features and sublime music streaming. Spotify currently has over 200 million users, making the servers very busy and occasionally notice Spotify app not working. If you are struggling with the same issue, don’t worry. We are here to help. Like the Spotify web player, Spotify may also crash or stop working.

Solution 1. One key factor in halting the app to work is excessive memory in use and cache data. Go to the settings and then choose Apps. Search for Spotify and clear cache data for the application. Search for the Spotify application and remove any cache data. If this doesn’t work, free up some space for your device to work correctly.

Solution 2. Applications running in the background need spare readable memory to process their functions. But when you don’t allow it to the device, it sometimes stops working.

Solution 3. Also, double-check if you have an active VPN or even if the internet connection is working. Turn off the VPN or if you want it that bad, enable it in a country where Spotify servers are available.

Solution 4. If none of the above solutions help, try to reinstall the Spotify application, which will solve your problem.

Problem 3. Spotify "Download Music" Function Not Working

Spotify allows in-app music downloads for its premium users. So, with a premium account, you can download thousands of the best Spotify playlists anytime you like. But sometimes, the download music function stops working. We have listed possible scenarios and solutions which may be able to help.

Solution 1. Spotify limits the download option only to premium users. So be aware of the fact that you might have your premium subscription expired.

Solution 2. If you have a premium account and still the download option is not working. You might have come across the number of active devices and the download limits. Spotify allows its application to run on a maximum of 3 devices and up to 10,000 songs. Once you reach the download limit, you cannot download further songs.

Solution 3. If none of the above options seems to work, have a loo on your storage options. Your drive might get corrupt, or your SD card is encrypted. Format your SD card or help your drive to work it again correctly.

Solution 4. Try to reboot or device or restart the application. It might solve the bug hindering the download.

Spotify does allow songs download for offline listening, but it is not a viable solution to listen to your favorite tracks offline. Since you can only listen to them in the application, that eliminates offline music’s purpose. You cannot share it with your other devices, friends, or even with some music players. Spotify encrypts its music in Ogg Vibs format, which is a tough one to crack for most audio playback devices. We have a solution for that.

Spotikeep Converter is an offline music downloader for the Spotify application. It lets you download the music without even need to have a premium Spotify account. Spotikeep convertor decrypts the Ogg Vibs format into simple MP3, MP4, or FLAC format. And maintains the audio quality to maximum. Lossless quality coupled with DRM (Digital Right Management) protection ensures zero copyright infringements. Well, the process is not as technical as it may sound. You can do all of this at just a flick of your finger, and Spotikeep converter will do all of this for you in seconds.

For old-school people like myself, copy-paste the link of the song you want to download and convert it in real-time. Spotikeep is one of the best alternatives to Spotify, where you can enjoy unlimited downloads, save them permanently. And share it across any of your devices in accessible formats. We have covered the detailed subject in our other article - “How Can I Put Music on MP3 Player from Spotify?” Click the following links to download the Spotikeep Converter right now.

Problem 4. Spotify Search Not Working

Spotify search not working is a common glitch in Spotify application. Undoubtedly you might also have come across this once in a few times. There are some possible reasons for this. Most favorite one is the Spotify file gets corrupt. The corrupt files don’t respond the way they should and need to reinstall. However, there is also a proper way for that. If you are using a desktop, go to the My Computer and look for the Spotify application in the disk it is stored. Go to the App data and then select Roaming. Delete the Spotify folder. Restart the windows and install the Spotify application again. This method works well every single time.

Sometimes the issue isn’t that big to reinstall the application. Some bug or glitch might be the reason for this. To avoid the application from crashing and operate abnormally, always keep the most updated version of your windows and the application. It is much preferred since there are some drawbacks to deleting the application. You will lose all of your downloaded songs in the application, which’s a big one. If any of the processes mentioned above won’t work, lodge a complaint to Spotify and use Spotify web for that period. Until an official fix for the issue is released from Spotify.

Problem 5. Discord Spotify Listen Along Not Working

Discord is a third-party application that works along with Spotify. Sometimes there some hiccups when using discord. Discord Spotify listens along not working is one of those, and here's how you fix it.

Step 1. First of all, make sure that both of these accounts are connected to work correctly. Sometimes the discord and Spotify disconnect, which makes Spotify discord not working.

Step 2. The second thing is to make sure that Spotify works in the background. Keep it open all the time.

Step 3. You can add Spotify in the game activity settings under the user setting. Add the Spotify and go back to the home screen. And you will see Spotify playing there under your id tab.

Step 4. If every step mentioned above is okay and discord Spotify not working, please restart your computer. This should solve the problem.

Problem 6. Media Keys Not Working on Spotify

We often come across the question of media keys not working on Spotify. Don’t worry. It gets frustrating when you can’t master the controls of your Spotify. The whole point of freedom to music is lost. But don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem.

Solution 1. Older versions of google chrome or Safari can cause media keys to malfunction. In 2017, Spotify notoriously stopped working on Safari. But the newer version of both of the web browsers is much of an improvement. We suggest updating to the latest web browsers.

Solution 2. Multimedia software is sometimes not present on the computer or corrupts. Reinstall the multimedia drivers and see if the problem is solved.

Solution 3. The overlay function of Spotify may cause hindrance for some users in their ordinary course. You can take care of that by simply going to the Spotify settings. Press on the three dots on the top left corner of the Spotify home screen. Select preferences and “disable Show desktop overlay when using media keys.”

Solution 4. Remove any unnecessary extensions present on google chrome that can interact with media controls, including Google Chrome Play.

Final verdict

We have tried to list the best possible solutions for your Spotify problems related to Spotify. Answered about your queries, including Why isn’t Spotify working for you is there for you. Follow the step-by-step guide we have just mentioned for you. Choose the best practice that works for you among the exemplary listed methods. If you have any other related queries, let us help you with our broad range of Spotify and Apple Music-related queries. Please visit our How To section and acknowledge your insight.

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