How to Add Local Files to Spotify on Mobile & PC

What are Spotify local files, and how to add them to Spotify? As one of the largest music streaming platforms nowadays, on Spotify, you can listen to tremendous amounts of popular tracks these days. However, it's also possible that the tracks you want are not available in the library of Spotify. One solution to resolve this problem is to import your local files on Spotify, so you can have a great playlist that includes tracks from online and local. Here we're going to show you how to play local files on Spotify.

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Part 1. How to Add Local Files to Spotify on PC

How to Upload Local Files to Spotify on Windows

Before we get started, one thing you should know is that you can only add local files to the Spotify desktop app. You can't do it on Spotify's web player. Another thing that worth your attention is that in order to import the local files to Spotify, you need to put all of these local files into the same directory (one folder). Otherwise, Spotify won't be able to locate them.

Step 1. Launch Your Spotify desktop app

Make sure you have the Spotify desktop App on your computer and open it.

Step 2. Configurate the Setting in Spotify

After you have launched Spotify, you firstly need to do is to click on the arrow to the right of your account ID. In the dropdown menu, there is a setting option. Click on it.

You are going down to the section "Local Files." Click to turn on the "Show Local Files" option. Next, the next thing you need to do is click on the "Add a Source" button. Here, you can select the folder where you store your local tracks.

After setting up the directory to the local files to Spotify, you will instantly access your local music in the Spotify App. Take a look at the menu on the menu that's on the left-hand side of the main screen. You will see a "Local files" tab. Click it, and you will see all of your local music. That's how you add local files to Spotify on Windows.

How to Add Local Songs to Spotify on Mac

The process of adding local songs to Spotify on Mac is the same as Windows, with a few tiny differences. Don't worry. I will walk you through the steps.

Step 1. Open the Spotify App on Your Mac

Find the Spotify on your Mac. Click to open it.

Step 2. Configurate the Setting in Spotify

In the top menu of your Mac Spotify app, choose the "Preferences" tab.

After you've got in the "Preferences," scroll down to the section of "Local Files," and then turn on the "Show Local Files" option like you just did on Windows.

Make sure you also check the other two options under "Show songs from." Once done, click on the "Add A Source" button. You will be able to set up the directory of your local music files.

After you've done so, you will be able to see your local files in the library of your Spotify.

Part 2. How to Add Local Files to Spotify on Mobile

One thing you should notice before you get started is that Spotify only allows you to listen to a local file on mobile only if you are a premium user. You can add local songs to Spotify, but you won't listen to them if you are a free user. Here's how to add local files to Spotify mobile:

Spotify Local Files on iPhone

Step 1. Add your local files to your Mac or Windows computer with the steps we introduced.

Add the files to a playlist.

Step 2. Click on the "Settings" button on the top right of the Spotify main screen.

Step 3. Go to" Settings ">" Local Files "and switch on" Enable sync from the desktop." Please be aware that your iPhone should be on the same network as your computer.

Step 4. Navigate to the playlist that contains your local files. Press the button to start the download. Notice that Spotify doesn't allow you to download a single track. Spotify That's how you add your local files to your iPhone.

Spotify Local Files on Android

For Android, the steps are about the same. Make sure you've done the computer steps, and put the local songs into a playlist. Then, check the "Downloading" button to download the local files playlist to your Spotify.

Part 3. How to Keep Spotify Music as Local Files

It's really tricky to download music from Spotify. The Spotify downloaded music is encrypted and can't be accessed by other music players. But here's a way for you to download and convert Spotify music in local MP3 or other formats. You can play Spotify music on any other app or player. It's free and easy. So don't worry, and I will break down all the details of the process for you.

Step 1. Download and Install SpotiKeep

SpotiKeep is a powerful and versatile converter that helps you download your favorite music from Spotify and Apple Music. You can download the songs as MP3, M4A, WAV, or other formats without sacrificing the music quality. SpotiKeep is available on both Windows and Mac. Click the button below to start the download. If there's any problem regards installation, you can refer to How to Install.

Step 2. Copy the Link to the Spotify Track

Take your time browsing the songs on Spotify web player. Once you find the song you want to download in a playlist, click on the song. Copy the link to the song from the top of the browser.

Step 3. Paste the Link to your SpotiKeep

Go back to SpotiKeep. On the main page, paste the link you just copied from Spotify in the address bar. Click the "Add File" button to proceed. Before start downloading, you can also change the location where you want to download the songs. Click on the "Browse" button to reset your download destination.

Step 4. Convert Your Spotify Music

After your song has been added to the list, you can adjust the output format of the song. The default format is MP3. You can also choose to download the Spotify song in other formats. Once finish the configuration, click on the "Convert" button to start downloading the song. The time it takes depends on your internet environment. Generally speaking, it won't take long to download. With the advanced acceleration technology, SpotiKeep can download very fast.

Step 5. Congratulations! Your Spotify Track is Downloaded

Press the "Finished" button. Here, you can see all your downloaded songs in the list. Click the "View Output File," and your downloaded song will be opened. That's all you need to do to keep the Spotify files locally. However, one thing that worth your attention is that with a free trial account, you can only download songs that are less than 3 minutes. The trial also only lasts for 30 days. If you want to download Spotify music without limits, you can purchase to unlock the full version of SpotiKeep.

FAQs of Spotify Local Files

1. Spotify Local Files Not Showing, Why?

The incorrect firewall setting is the main reason that causes the problem of local files not showing up on Spotify on Windows. Failed to set up the Windows firewall could interfere Spotify from connecting to the server. You can solve the issue with the following steps.

Step 1. Open the Control panel and find 'Windows Defender Firewall. '

Step 2. Then click on the "Change Settings" button. In the list of apps and features, find and click Spotify or spotify.exe.

Step 3. If not found, click on "Allow Another App" and then look for Spotify

Step 4. Check the "Private" and "Public" of Spotify. Press the "OK" button and restart the Spotify App. Then you should see the problem solved.

If your Spotify local files are not showing on the phone, you can try to reinstall the App.

2. My Spotify Local Files Greyed Out, How to Fix?

The reasons that Spotify local files greyed out includes Country Restrictions, downloaded songs a long time ago or network issue.

Solution 1. Use VPN or other network services to avoid country restrictions.

Solution 2. Delete and re-add the greyed-out songs to your playlist.

Solution 3. Check and reconnect your device to the network.

Editor's Words

I hope you now have a clear idea about how to play and add Spotify local files. Now you can freely add your favorite music to the Spotify playlist even the songs are not available on Spotify. You can also convert Spotify music to build your own local music collection and listen to the tracks on any platform you want. Thanks for reading. Let us know if you have further questions about how to play local files on Spotify or download music from Spotify.

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