7 Best Spotify MP3 Downloader for Desktop & Android

Spotify is the global music streaming champion with the most subscribers worldwide, attracting third-party software like Spotify MP3 downloaders to avoid paid Spotify premium membership. These tools are abundant on the internet, but if you have tried installing any of them. You had realized very few of them work.

Don't harm your device by installing junk. Try the following Spotify MP3 downloaders we have tested and reviewed for you.

CONTENT Part 1. Review of the Best Spotify MP3 Downloader - SpotiKeepPart 2. Top 3 Spotify MP3 Downloader for AndroidPart 3. 2 Online Spotify MP3 DownloaderPart 4. Best Spotify MP3 Downloader for iOSComparison of Spotify to MP3 DownloadersDiscussion: Is It Legal to Use a Spotify MP3 Downloader?Final Verdict

Part 1. Review of the Best Spotify MP3 Downloader - SpotiKeep

MP3 downloaders have certain stereotypes attached to them. People usually think of it as a tool with ads, glitches, and a rough user experience, which is true. We are here to create a difference. We tell you that there is an MP3 Downloader that's free from ads, glitches, distortion and offers a highly refined user experience. We are talking about SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter here.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Converter Banner

SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is a premium offline downloader for your Spotify music. You don't need to go anywhere else or use any extension. You can log into your Spotify account right within the SpotiKeep. And from there on, you can select any track or playlist you want to download. In no time can you find songs in your local storage. There are lots of things SpotiKeep offers apart from an easy Spotify MP3 downloader tool. Let's have a look.

  1. Fully adjustable output formats and download locations
  2. Remove DRM protection, so you don't have to worry about Copyright anymore
  3. Lossless, high-quality audio
  4. Keeps original artwork and song information
  5. Users don't need to have a Spotify premium account
  6. Saves users at least $120 per year
  7. High-speed downloads for a premium experience

With this much to offer, SpotiKeep Converter is worth trying, doesn't it? Just click the download buttons below to start experiencing this powerful Spotify MP3 downloader.

SpotiKeep is an easy-to-use and efficient tool. Users can download unlimited Spotify music with just a few clicks. Let's follow with step by step guide:

For Windows Users

Step 1: Open SpotiKeep Converter. Windows users can log in to their Spotify account within the application.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Open Web Player

Step 2: Now, open the song/playlist that you want to download. Click on the green icon saying Please Open a Playlist on the right side of your screen.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Open Converter

Pro Tip: Drop all songs you want to download in a spate playlist. And then, open that playlist and click on Please Open a Playlist.

Step 3: Now, it's time to customize the songs. You can change the music formats of each piece by clicking on the default MP3 toggle. Or you can change the music format of the whole lot by changing it from the output format toggle on the top right.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Customize Output Settings

Similarly, change the storage location from the Browse option at the bottom right. Open your desired location from the browser window and hit Save.

Step 4: Finally, click on the Convert or Convert All option. Now go to your storage location and play, edit tor share any song, album, or playlist. That's all with SpotiKeep Spotify MP3 downloader.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Convert Single Song

For Mac Users

Step 1: Open SpotiKeep Converter. Copy-Paste the link to the song you want to download. You can copy the link from any web browser. Then click on Add File to add the music to the queue. Repeat the process to add more.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Add File

Step 2: Customize output formats from the top right corner. Users can also change storage location from the browse window at the lower left.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Customize

Step 3: Finally, click on Convert at the bottom right of your screen. High conversion rates will kick in to ensure quick downloads. That's how you convert Spotify link to MP3 with SpotiKeep on Mac computers.

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiKeep Converting

Part 2. Top 3 Spotify MP3 Downloader for Android

A lot of times, we all listen to music on our smartphones. So here are some of the best Spotify MP3 Downloaders for Android.

1. Fildo

Spotify MP3 Downloader Fildo

Fildo is online streaming as well as a music downloader application. Users can use Fildo to download APK files, music, and other audio files. Fildo is a gateway to thousands of websites; it simply brings you results from all over the web. It's simple, easy, and fun to use application.

2. SpotiFlyer

Spotify MP3 Downloader SpotiFlyer

SpotiFlyer offers an Ad-free experience. This is a refined application with access to multiple platforms other than Spotify like Gaana, Youtube Music, SoundCloud, etc. Search and download any song you want, no messing around with API keys and verifications.

3. spotDL

Spotify MP3 Downloader spotDL

SpotDL is a command-line downloader for YouTube and Spotify. It extracts music in MP3 format along with the metadata descriptions. To operate this software, users have to have a basic knowledge of commands.

Part 3. 2 Online Spotify MP3 Downloader

1. AlltoMP3

Spotify MP3 Downloader AlltoMP3

AlltoMP3 is a multi-platform online Spotify MP3 Downloader. Users can now install a Windows version of this application and access thousands of songs online for free.

2. MP3FY

Spotify MP3 Downloader MP3FY

MP3FY is an online Spotify downloader. All you need to do is paste the URL of the song you want to download. And hit Convert. Please refer to the MP3FY Facebook page for the latest URL of their website.

Part 4. Best Spotify MP3 Downloader for iOS

iOS users often find it hard to use any external downloader. Simply because the Apple interface won't allow it due to security and privacy concerns. Well, here is the one that works as the best Spotify MP3 downloader for iOS.

Telegram Bot @spotify_down_bot:

Spotify MP3 Downloader Telegram Bot

Spotify_down_bot is an inbuilt bot for Telegram service. Users can search for any song they want to download from Spotify. And they can also customize the audio quality of the music. Only Telegram users on iOS can use Spotify_down_bot.

Comparison of Spotify to MP3 Downloaders

Now let's evaluate the performance of each Spotify MP3 downloader in the box below. This will help us understand the functionality and practicality of each of the applications as mentioned above.

Tool Overall Rating Batch Downloads Output Format Operating System
SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter 4.8/5 Yes MP3, M4A, WAV & FLAC Windows & Mac
Fildo 4.0/5 No MP3, MIDI, AAC, WAV & FLAC Windows & Android
SpotiFlyer 4.2/5 No MP3, WAV & FLAC Windows, Android, Mac & Linus
SpotDL 4.0/5 No MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WAV & OPUS Windows, Mac & Linus
AlltoMP3 3.7/5 No MP3 Any Device
MP3FY 3.5/5 No MP3 & MP4 Any Device
Spotify_down_bot 4.3/5 No MP3 iOS & Android

In conclusion, if you're looking for a Spotify MP3 downloader just for a few songs, you can go for the telegram bot, SpotiFlyer, AlltoMP3, etc. But for those who need to download Spotify music in bulk and for a long time, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter will be your first choice. Try the program now, and it'll not let you down.

Discussion: Is It Legal to Use a Spotify MP3 Downloader?

Let's clear some air before starting the topic. Is it legal to use Spotify MP3 Downloader? It's a controversial topic because everyone shares their own opinion. Well, let me get this straight for you. It's legal to use Spotify MP3 downloader to download music from Spotify. But here is the catch. That legality only is up to the extent of non-Copyright music. If a person uses Spotify MP3 downloader to download Copyright of licensed content, they are liable.

U.S. Copyright Law specifically talks about illegal reproduction of copyright music under Title 17 of the U.S. Code Chapter 1. Any licensed music, if used or replicated without permission, is penalized through this law. Now, this leads to another fascinating question. If there are laws to protect illegal music reproduction, then why are there Spotify MP3 downloaders in the first place?

It's simple. There is a fraction of music on the internet which is protected by Copyright. The rest of them is fully legal to download and use.

Final Verdict

Spotify leads the music streaming industry with the most subscribers around the globe. With such a vast number of consumers, it's apparent that some of them don't want to spend money. So they sneak around for third-party software to download music from Spotify. Unfortunately, that only attracts malware and virus. So we spend some quality time finding the best Spotify MP3 downloader for you that you can trust.

If you don't want to download any software, you can use an online Spotify MP3 converter, as mentioned above. That's it for today; we hope you like our effort. If yes, then please visit our How-to section. It's full of such helpful guides.

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