Spotify Download Location: Where to Find and How to Change

During the second quarter of 2021, Spotify subscribers hooped to over 165 Million users globally. If you are one of Spotify users, you might wonder where is the Spotify download location and why you can't play your downloaded Spotify music on other music players. Keep reading for interesting facts about your Spotify downloaded folder.

CONTENT Part 1. Where Does Spotify Download Music to Windows PCPart 2. Where Does Spotify Download Music to Mac PCPart 3. Spotify download Folder on iOSPart 4. Spotify Download Location on AndroidPart 5. How to Change Spotify Download LocationPart 6. Download Spotify Music as Local MP3 FilesFinal Verdict

Part 1. Where Does Spotify Download Music to Windows PC

Where does Spotify download music to PC? Let's understand it from the very basic. Why does Spotify have so much cache? It's literally in GB's and not Mb's. Yes, Spotify stores its downloaded music in encrypted files in cache locations. You can't access them, and you can't read them because it's all encrypted. This is the prime reason that Spotify downloaded music is private, non-sharable, and non-translatable.

Whenever you click that download icon next to each song, it downloads and stores the music in cache locations under the following Spotify download location on Windows:


Or you can always find a storage location for downloaded music in the Spotify application. Follow the steps below for any device to find out your storage location for Spotify music.

Spotify Download Location Windows

Step 1: Open Spotify. Click on the settings menu at the top.

Step 2: Scroll down till you see advanced settings. You can find offline song storage.

Spotify specializes in its algorithms in the Spotify application, enabling you only to play the music inside the application. However, these downloaded encrypted files can't be recognized by other music players.

Part 2. Where Does Spotify Download Music to Mac PC

Spotify follows the same method as in any other operating system. All of your downloaded music is under encrypted files in the cache. By default, the Spotify download folder on Mac is as follows:

/Users/"your username"Library/Caches/com.Spotify.Client/storage

You can easily find the storage location of Spotify downloaded music for Mac from below:

Step 1: Launch Spotify. Click on the drop-down menu next to your profile at the top right.

Step 2: go to the settings. And click on advanced settings.

Step 3: you can see offline song storage.

Part 3. Spotify download Folder on iOS

Spotify has done a pretty good job synchronizing its application functions, aesthetics, and feels for all devices. Now there is more similarity than ever before for windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Even the webpage is more in line now. But how Spotify saves its offline downloaded songs is still divided, primarily because all operating systems act differently. So, what is Spotify download location on iOS?

Sadly, iOS won't allow you to track or view any encrypted file due to the high-security setup. You cannot search for the songs manually or track them down in the Spotify settings menu.

Part 4. Spotify Download Location on Android

Thankfully, Android isn't conservative, and you can easily find where Spotify downloads music on Android. It's useless even if you see where Spotify stores its songs. Since it's all encrypted and inaccessible, you can only read those encrypted files under the offline music section in the applications.

Step 1: Open Spotify. Open the drop-down menu from the profile icon on the top right corner.

Step 2: Click on Show Advanced Settings. And click on Storage to find the path for your offline downloads.

Part 5. How to Change Spotify Download Location

Changing the Spotify download location is no different from the method mentioned above once you find your storage location.

How to Change Spotify Download Location

You can see the change location toggle right below where your location. A browse window will open up. Select the place you want to save your offline Spotify music files.

Part 6. Download Spotify Music as Local MP3 Files

You have come a long way. And you might already know that Spotify doesn't save songs in MP3 format. It's an encrypted format that doesn't allow anyone other than Spotify to decode and play it. What's the point of looking for where it is stored if you can't make any use of it in the first place, right?

How can you save your Spotify music in MP3 format? So you can easily access, share or transfer it to any of your friends with a click. Use SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter. It converts your Spotify music into an MP3 file while retaining the high-quality music that you love. You don't need a Spotify premium account anymore to download music from Spotify. All you need is a SpotiKeep music converter.

Here are some features of the SpotiKeep Converter.

  1. Download Spotify music without a Spotify premium account.
  2. The output quality is similar to that of Spotify for extreme user experience.
  3. Adjustable output formats, storage locations, and metadata information.
  4. SpotiKeep retains original metadata information, so it all appears the same and premium.
  5. Protects against patents due to added DRM (Digital Right Management) removal.

Here is how you convert Spotify music to MP3 With SpotiKeep. First of all, please download SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter and install it on your computer.


Step 1: Copy-paste the URL of the song you want to download. Drop it into the empty box in SpotiKeep. You don't need any premium account or even a Spotify application to do so. You can find the link from the Spotify web player.

Spotify Download Location SpotiKeep Add File

Step 2: Customize output formats and location from the top right and bottom, respectively. Click on save after changing the output bitrates and storage locations. You can find quite a range of output formats and customizable storage locations. You can save anywhere on your local Storage in M3P form.

Spotify Download Location SpotiKeep Customize

Step 3: Click on convert at the bottom to download music from Spotify into MP3. You can see the progress right in front of you. It won't take any longer than a few seconds to complete the task.

Spotify Download Location SpotiKeep Converting

Final Verdict

Using Spotify, you can access over 70 million songs, 2.2 million podcast sessions and over 4 billion playlists. But you can't access a single piece that you have downloaded offline. Isn't it heartwrenching?

In this post, we've not only shown you how to find the Spotify download location on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS but also provided a complete guide on how to download your Spotify music as local MP3 files. It's easy, reliable, light on your pocket, and a long-term solution. Let us know what you think of our today's help to the music community.

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