How to Set Apple Music Songs as Ringtone for iPhone

Q: How do I turn my Apple Music into ringtones on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly set Apple Music songs as ringtone for your iPhone. Protected by DRM, Apple Music songs can be only streamed or downloaded to the cloud. But how to set your favorite song as iPhone ringtone? There are a few ways to try.

The first one is that you can find and purchase the ringtone on the iTunes Store. If you cannot find one you need, you can use a third-party Apple Music Converter to remove DRM from Apple Music file and make it as iPhone ringtone easily.

Set Apple Music Songs as Ringtone for iPhone

CONTENT Method 1. Purchase Ringtones from iTunes Store Method 2. Convert and Download Apple Music Songs with Apple Music Converter Tips. Set Apple Music as iPhone Ringtone Via iTunes

Method 1. Purchase Ringtones from iTunes Store

If you are looking for any official platform offering created ringtones, you can directly purchase the ringtone from iTunes Store, which sells ringtones, text tones, and other alert tones for clock alarms. Abundant 30-seconds ringtones are provided for you to explore.

Please note that you cannot directly purchase ringtones in iTunes on desktop computers. It's recommended to buy ringtones in iTunes Store app.

Step 1. Open iTunes Store App.
Step 2. Tap the More option, then choose Tones.
Step 3. Search the ringtone by the song name or artist. You can browse the ringtone by category as well.
Step 4. Select the ringtone and preview it to check if the needed one.
Step 5. Tap the price to buy the ringtone. Then, pop-up dialogue will show up, offering 4 choices - Set as Default Rigntone, Set as Default Text Tone, Assign to a Contact, Done. Determine your setting.

Purchase Ringtones from iTunes Store

Step 6. Once the purchase is complete, you can find the ringtone on Sounds & Haptics settings.

Tips: Fail to See Your Purchased Ringtones on iPhone?

1. Tap Ringtone under Sounds and Vibration Patterns.
2. Tap Download All Purchased Tones.

See Purchased Ringtones on iPhone

Method 2. Convert and Download Apple Music Songs with Apple Music Converter

Directly buying ringtones on iTunes Store is very convenient, but there are some shortcomings of this method. If you have changed the iPhone, your previously purchased tones might be not able to download because of copyright issues. Besides, the 30-second ringtone may be not your ideal snippet of the song. To avoid these problems, here's a solution - create Apple Music songs as iPhone ringtone. The first step will be to remove DRM restriction from Apple Music. Here we'll need the help of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter.

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter can be your Apple Music ringtone maker. It can convert Apple Music files to plain audio format with no DRM restriction, which helps a lot to select a snippet of the song. The output quality is satisfying. Users can save DRM-free Apple Music songs with high quality. Next, let's move on to learn how to convert Apple Music to be DRM-free.

Step 1. Download and Install SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter
SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is well compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Please choose the correct installer to download and install the program. After the installation, you can launch the program and start your 30-day free trial.

Free Download Free Download

Moreover, you will find your iTunes is running automatically. If your iTunes fails to pop up, please install the latest version. During the conversion, please do not turn it off.

Step 2. Select Apple Music Songs You Want to Convert
To begin with, please make sure you've enabled the Sync Library option on the Apple Music settings so that iTunes can read your created playlists on Apple Music.

Sync Apple Music Library

Open SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter. Then, click the Refresh button on the left pane to sync your Apple Music playlists to the program via iTunes. Select a playlist and choose the songs you need.

Step 3. Make Your Output Settings
# Choose an output format - By default, converted Apple Music files will be saved in MP3. You can choose a preferred one like AAC in the Output Settings tab.

Choose Output Format for Apple Music Files

# Select the output quality - SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter provides CD-like audio quality for users to enjoy. Advanced settings like Bitrate, SampleRate can be adjusted as well.

Step 4. Start Removing DRM from Apple Music Files
When all output settings are placed, click the Convert button to start removing DRM restrictions from Apple Music songs. You can view the converted history on the Finished tab.

Tips. Set Apple Music as iPhone Ringtone Via iTunes

Now you get the DRM-free Apple Music song, ready to make it as the iPhone ringtone. Here we will need the help of iTunes to import it to iPhone.

Step 1. Select the 30 Seconds snippet of the Song
Import the songs to iTunes by click File > Add File to Library. Then, you can find the song in the music library. Next, right click on the song and click Song Info.

iPhone ringtones last up to 30 seconds so you need to choose a snippet of the song you like. Go to Options tab and adjust the start and end times. Then, click OK to confirm your setting.

Step 2. Create AAC Version
Generally, Apple prefers music files coded with AAC. Here we will convert the song to AAC. If your DRM-free song is saved AAC, you can skip this step. Head to File. > Convert. > Click on Create AAC Version.

Create AAC Version

Step 3. Convert .m4a to .m4r
Music files coded with AAC will have .m4a file extension. And iPhone ringtone uses .m4r file extension. In this step, drag the chosen 30-second track to your desktop. Directly change its file extension to .m4r.

Change M4A to M4R

For Windows Users:
- Fail to view the file extension? Please head to the Control Panel. > Appearance and Personalization.
- Click File Explorer Options and move to the View tab.
- Scroll down to disable the Hide extensions for known file types option, and click the Apply.
- Then, try again to change .m4a to .m4r file extension.

Step 4. Add DIY Ringtone to iPhone
Connect your iPhone to the computer, then iTunes will automatically detect your device. Directly drag the .m4r ringtone to the Tones section in iTunes. iTunes will automatically sync the ringtone to your iPhone.

Fail to add ringtone to iPhone?

Click Summary on the left panel and move to Options section to check the Manually mange music and videos option. > Click Apply to make the confirmation. Then, try again.

Step 5. Set Apple Music Songs as iPhone Ringtone
On your iPhone, move to Settings > Sound & Haptics / Sound > Ringtone. Scroll down to select the imported Apple Music ringtone.

Set Apple Music Songs as iPhone Ringtone

The whole process is not so difficult. If you follow step by step, you can easily customize Apple Music songs as iPhone ringtone by yourself. Working as Apple Music ringtone maker, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is useful enough. Purchasing the ringtone in iTunes Store is convenient, but the shortcoming is obvious as well. You can choose one solution based on your favor.