What's the Most Played Songs on Spotify in 2022?

What are the most streamed songs on Spotify? Spotify Charts is the scoreboard where you can find the official statistics of the most played songs on Spotify. Music has become a part of ourselves in recent years, and here we list the best Spotify music for you. Let's have a look at Spotify's most listened-to artists and their songs.

CONTENT Part 1: Most Streamed Songs on Spotify 2021Part 2: How to Download the Most Played Songs on SpotifyPart 3: FAQs of Most Listened to Artists on SpotifyFinal Verdict

Part 1: Most Streamed Songs on Spotify 2021

Montero (Call Me by Your Name) by Lil Nas X

The song Call me by your name is inspired by the movie in 2017 with the same name. the movie involves Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet. The song is base on the concept of calling the loved one by your name. According to Montero, it's like sharing the scared bond that only exists between you two. The humming line sat the end hold some symbolic meaning, according to Montero. The song shares 6,197,914 streams in 2021 until now.

Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon) by Justin Bieber

All three big dogs in the music industry, namely Caesar, Giveon, and the lead taking is Justin. The song is full of low bass notes and light vocals. A flair of jazz never disappoints in this song. Caesar and Giveon lift the romantic spirit out of the music while Justin keeps up with the central theme and lyrics of the song. It's great to see how cohesive all three of them look in one single song. The song shares 5,613,497 streams in 2021 until now.

Kiss me More (feat. SZA) by Doja Cat

2020 was the year for Doja Cat. All of the overwhelming songs and feats. Were enough to make her a league of her own. And here again, the addictive rhymes on top of soft demands for lovers. SZA and Doja Cat deliver a true blend of rhyme and lyrics. The song itself is all about the initial stages of relationships where you demand more. The song shares 4,445,964 streams in 2021 until now.

Your Power by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish holds her dark and sarcastic vibes, and it's here, too, in the song. All dark vibes like suffocating from heartbreak, relationship issues, sexual abuse, and coercion turned into the lyrics. And it's strong as caffeine-electronic tunes with the soft and low notes of Billie Eilish. The song shares 4,281,142 streams in 2021 until now.

Levitating (feat. DaBaby) by Dua Lipa

The song didn't receive much appreciation from most of the followers but still landed on 3,781,6811 views. A remix version of the song was already there when this song was released. Even if this one is not a remix version, but it still caters to lots of energy. Most of the fans accuse that Dua Lipa added nothing to this song, which is partially true, but here are slight tune-ins and vocals adjusted. You can either love this one or hate it. There is no awkward middle child situation here.

Astronaut in the Ocean by Masked Wolf

It's been two years for this song to air. But until now, it lands on the top 7 global music of 2021. Ticktock holds most of the credit to make this one a significant hit. The song's theme is to push and keep making efforts no matter how tough the journey gets. You may not know the music, but you know the lyrics of it, "When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze," yes, it's that song. The song shares 3,547,763 streams in 2021 until now.

Leave the door open by Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Silk Sonic

The strong funky and hip-hop vibes of this song are smooth. The variations in the vocal from soft to high notes are exceptionally well. Leave the door open will give you the nostalgia back that you have been missing for a while. The song worth it to be in the top 7 global hits. The song shares 3,394,000 streams in 2021 until now.

NOTE: Looking for the most played on Spotify of all time? Check this Wikipedia List of most-streamed songs on Spotify.

Part 2: How to Download the Most Played Songs on Spotify

Spotify is the highest-grossing music application. And it's great that it nails all the scoreboards. But being great doesn't mean it's perfect. Spotify doesn't allow the songs to download, and DRM protection will make Copyright claims for you if you stream it public. The encrypted Ogg Vibs format of Spotify makes it more cumbersome to download the music. But a goof Offline music converter can do all of this for you in just a few clicks.

SpotiKeep Converter is an offline download for your Spotify music. It not only downloads the music but decrypts it and removes the DRM protections. It's a complete package for someone who wants to get free from in-app downloads and premium subscriptions. You don't require an excellent Spotify account to download the music from the SpotiKeep converter. You can certainly enjoy the following benefits of the SpotiKeep converter for a month worth of free trial.

  1. DRM (Digital Right Management) removal to protect you against the Copyright infringements
  2. Customizable output formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV.
  3. Lossless quality with batch downloads
  4. Up to 10x conversion rates for windows and 5x for Mac users
  5. Keeps the original ID3 tags of albums, artists, and songs.

Here is how to download the most played songs on Spotify. Follow the step-by-step guide to download your favorite tracks from Spotify now.

Step 1: Download the SpotiKeep Converter and install it on your PC. Then launch the application.

Step 2: Copy the URL of the song you want to download. And paste it to the empty bar in the SpotiKeep Converter. Press on Add File. This will add up in the queue. For batch downloads, copy-paste the URL of the song and keep pressing on Add File until you add all pieces you need to download.

Step 3: Customize the output formats of your music by tapping on the right corner of your screen. You can customize the output format as MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV. You can also customize the storage location of your song from the lower left of your home screen. Click on Browse and select the storage location yourself.

Step 4: After completing all of the above requirements, click on Convert. This action will start downloading the song immediately. You can see the songs download in real-time. High conversion rates will ensure your music will download in few seconds.

Part 3: FAQs of Most Listened to Artists on Spotify

Who is the number 1 on Spotify right now?

Montero (Call Me by Your Name) by Lil Nas X remains on the top charts. One can safely say it is the most listened to and streamed song on Spotify as of 2021. Peaches by Justin Bieber compete well with Montero (Call Me by Your Name).

What songs have 1 billion streams on Spotify?

Eminem's "Love yourself" from 8 Mile theme lives long enough to globally score over 1 Billion streams. It takes real juice to achieve billboards like this and play staggering 1 Billion streams on the internet till I Collapse, another song from Eminem that has managed to score over a billion streams on Spotify.

Who has the most streams on Spotify?

Some of the most renowned artists hold most streams on Spotify. Drake, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa etc. Justin Bieber, of all, has the top rank when it comes to most streams on Spotify. With a monthly stream of 76.55 Million streams monthly. The weekend and Dua Lipa follow up with 69.61 and 64.42 Million songs, respectively.

Which artist has credit to the most-streamed song ever in Spotify history?

Ed Sheeran's Shape of you is the most streamed song over Spotify. It's a wonder even after all these years. The song delivers the same nostalgia. It has a record of 2.7 Billion streams and claims the leaderboard of the most streamed song ever in Spotify History.

Final Verdict

Spotify is a fascinating music application and in a domain of its own. If you have been wondering what's the best music on Spotify or the upper shelf story of Spotify, we've listed the most streamed songs on Spotify in 2021. We'll keep updating the list.

If you like some of the most played songs on Spotify, you can now download the music from Spotify via SpotiKeep Converter. We have mentioned the exact method above in part 2.

Let us know how well our guide served you. If you any related queries, please let us know so we should give you a dedicated answer to your question just like this one.

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