Meditation Music Collection: Zen/Sleep/Morning/Yoga/Children

The current world is in a situation of despair. Hopelessness pledged upon us by COVID-19 and hectic daily routines drive us all crazy at some points. And there is a dire need to relax our nerves to stop it from going rampage.

Meditation music is one way to calm it down. Stress and anxiety issues are prevalent in our society, and to tackle this, yoga and meditation delivers peace and calm to the soul. Here is some of the best meditation music for all age groups and genres to feed your mind.

CONTENT Part 1. What is Meditation Music, and How it Helps?Part 2. Best Meditation Music CollectionsPart 3. Download Meditation Music from Spotify to MP3Part 4. Download Meditation Music from Apple Music to MP3FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)Final Words

Part 1. What is Meditation Music, and How it Helps?

Meditation is an ancient technique to calm down human instincts and drain negative energies out of your body and soul. The remains of this ancient technique are found in Buddhism's main reason for meditation to exist the self-awareness to the people. The solitary sessions for man to make sure of himself, his guts, and the decision he will make. It trains the human body and mind for deep focus and change perception to explore the inner you.

It's essential to harness your emotions sublimely; otherwise, it may end up in a total spoil of your own life. Zen meditation is meditation music to calm down your nerves, so you think of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and awareness on a different level. It's the pinnacle of the growth of your mind and body.

Meditation music delivers incredible benefits to your mind and body. Several research types on Zen meditation reveal that the person who listens to the meditation music response differently than an average person. This is because the meditation music digs deep into people's subconscious to deliver them an out-of-the-box view of this world.

We live in a world beyond our control, but we can change the circumstances by limiting what's in our possession. Meditation music allows a person to calm down from the inside, which is the prime reason it helps in yoga, meditation, spa, massage therapy, and solo sessions.

Part 2. Best Meditation Music Collections

While the internet is full of meditation yoga music, not every music out there is excellent. We have surfed through the web for you and come up with the most fantastic meditation music of all time. Actual meditation and yoga are powerful enough to plunge your soul out of your body. Below are some of the free meditation music from YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music that you can listen to tot right now.

Yoga Meditation Music


The less spacy effect of this album is enough to reach the spiritual level you have been missing for a long time. Tony Scott is well-known for his fine jazz tunes and joyful music. The beauty about this album is the unexpected twists in the tunes and melodies. Far eastern and Japanese instrumentals are a blend of two sublime aesthetics. At some point, the playlist does feel like ancient buddhas meditating in their sworn temples. The playlist holds 18 songs that are worth 1hr and 22 minutes of your blissful journey.

Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134


Yellow Brick Cinema's reiki Zen meditation music is an exceptional case in the whole meditation music world. It's on a whole lot of next level. Body healing sacred frequencies and stress relieving instrumentals blend it to get you the peace of both worlds. The chakra healing effect of soft piano music only compliments Zen meditation.

It helps build more focus to dig into your inner soul and find what you are all about. Yellow brick cinema reiki Zen meditation music 134 is so versatile you cannot limit it for yoga or meditation. It doesn't disappoint for spa sessions, massage therapy, or any concentration and relaxing sessions.

Sleep Meditation Music: Ocean waves by Joe Baker

One can never go wrong with the sound of water. And especially the ocean waves bring in a different satisfaction and peace. Sounds of nature hit others when focused. The ocean is the most versatile medium of life. And it holds a mysterious effect on the human body, ever think of the sea and find yourself in limitless thoughts.

The nurturing sounds of the ocean waves lift your mood, relax your body, feel close to the sacred earth by the gush of the ocean waves. It won't take much time to blend the sound into your subconscious and get your brain to do the therapy for you with this playlist. One hour and 13 minutes of pure meditation music is there.

YouTube Meditation Music: Indian Meditation Music

The spirituality aspect of different regions worldwide looks cohesive once the theme is clear. Indian meditation music has deep instrumentals coupled with holy chants. This music revives long-lost spiritual beliefs and the essence of profound civilizations that perished in history. This playlist is best for early morning yoga or meditation sessions. Flute music, instrumentals, and raga between the rhythms deliver your body what it needs the most, peace.

Christian Meditation Music

Christ meditation music is full of God's presence and seeking his companionship. The album Alone with God makes you experience relaxing effects by feeling drawn to God Christ. It's a blend of spirituality, religious chants, and meditation music. In a time of uncertainty where there is chaos everywhere, it's better to be alone sometimes and listen to the sole purpose for what we are made for. And relax with the soft instrumentals and jazz at the same time. It's an hour and 16min long playlist that deserves your time.

Christian Meditation Music

Kids have endless potential in them. And they often demand more attention and need more time to relax. Meditation music for kids is a guided meditation album with calming frequencies to help your kid sleep better. Gentle rhythms help settle your kids' anxiety, worries, emotions, and stress. 528Hz frequency is considered to be very effective in delivering good vibes to your body. It nurtures the brain and makes it feed more upon the positive aspect of everything.

Part 3. Download Meditation Music from Spotify to MP3

Free Spotify users often miss out on the ad-free experience. And it's too much of a distraction for meditation. Though premium users get rid of any ads, it limits the user to play the music in the application, whether offline or not. It kills the ease of use one has, so what's the better solution.

SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter is an offline music downloader that rips off tracks from Spotify. And convert them to MP3 format. It sucks to have your phone when meditating. No power on earth can stop procrastination when the phone hits the buzz. You can save your songs in any local folder on your device, share them or carry them around at any MP3 player alongside in MP3 format. Let's see how you can download Meditation Music from Spotify.

Step 1. Download and install the SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter. Follow up the installation by launching the application.

1Free Download 1Free Download

Step 2. Copy the URL of the song you want to download from Spotify. Paste it in the empty bar in the application. Press on Add File. Your music will be saved in the queue. If you love long meditation sessions, it's better to download more than one playlist or song. Follow the same process to copy-paste the URL and click Add File.

Meditation Music SpotiKeep Add File

Step 3. Adjust the output format of the song by tapping on the top right corner. There is an option to change the output format to MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV. By default, the output format is set to MP3 because it's the universal music format support by any music playback device.

Meditation Music SpotiKeep Output Settings

Step 4. Now hit the "Convert" button to start downloading and converting. High conversion rates make sure you get the reflection of songs in your local files within no time.

Meditation Music SpotiKeep Converting

The download songs are indeed yours now. DRM removal ensures there is no copyright claim to it, and lossless quality won't let you feel any less than Spotify. Also, you can transfer downloaded tracks to any external storage at ease.

Part 4. Download Meditation Music from Apple Music to MP3

Apple Music is an industry-leading music application. Exclusively curated playlists for meditations are meaningfully listened to by millions of people worldwide. But unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the same quality and benefits as offline music.

SpotiKeep Apple Music to MP3 Converter downloads songs from Apple Music in accessible formats. Enjoy the DRM (Digital Right Management) removed music, lossless quality, accessible output formats, and original ID3 tags. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Download and install the Apple music converter on your desktop. Then launch the application.

1Free Download 1Free Download

Step 2. First, launch the iTunes applications. Then launch the Apple Music converter. iTunes will run automatically to sync your playlists into the SpotiKeep converter. You can see your iTunes library in the SpotiKeep Converter once the sync is complete.

Step 3. Please select your desired apple music files to convert. SpotiKeep supports batch downloads so that you can convert a single song or multiple songs.

Meditation Music SpotiKeep Select Music

Step 4. In the output format, MP3 is set by default. But you can change it to M4A or FLAC if you like. You can also customize the output quality. You have the option to keep the metadata and ID3 tags of albums, playlists, and artists in the "metadata section." In this way, all the metadata information will be converted to your MP3 and, hence, your device's local files.

Meditation Music SpotiKeep Output Settings

Step 4. Now just press the "Convert" button at the right bottom, and you'll see your selected songs being converted immediately.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What kind of music is good for meditation?

Answer: Classical music can be perfect during meditation and Yoga. Some of the best meditation music is there for you mentioned above in this writing.

Q2. Is it good to sleep with meditation music?

Answer: Yes, music can help the body relax physically, syncing with your heartbeat. You can play the best meditation playlists mentioned above to attain peace.

Q3. Is it bad to meditate with music?

Answer: No, the meditation music only makes you calm and numb your negative thoughts to make you feel better. It helps your relief from stress better than any other form of daily practice.

Q4. How do I get free meditation music?

Answer: You can find meditation music on free music platforms like YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, etc. But many of these music apps don't support downloading free meditation music for offline listening. For YouTube meditation music, you should use a YouTube MP3 downloader to rip the music for free. And you can download meditation music from Spotify to MP3 with SpotiKee.

Q5. What is Yoga music called?

Answer: Mantra is a crucial part of meditation and yoga music. It provides you with emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts of body.

Q6. How do you make your music relax?

Answer: It's easy to relax with music by putting in your heart and soul in siltation. Music hits our hearts when we are alone, and in the case of meditation music, it's better to stay away from any distractions to make your music relax.

Final Words

Alignment of each beat with your heart can make you feel more optimistic and positive about life. And this can't be done without deep focus. Zen meditation music lets you focus on what lies within you. It enables you to realize yourself and become self-aware try out some of the best mediation music we have mentioned for you. And you can also download the music from Spotify or Apple Music, as discussed above.

Let us know in the comment section about your opinion related to meditation music. And also, explore our How-to section for similar knowledgeable guides.

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