Spotify on Alexa Guide: How to Connect and Play

Both Alexa and Spotify are the top essentials of entertainment. Alexa devices are compatible with Spotify, but how to play Spotify on Alexa? In this post, we'll provide you detailed guidance on connecting Spotify and Alexa.

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How to link Spotify to Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa has its app to customize almost every setting for the smart device. You can connect the Spotify application directly via the mobile application. Connecting Spotify with Alexa is as easy as following a four-step procedure.

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app for your smartphone. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Find and open Music and Podcast under the Settings menu. Tap on Link new device.
  3. Click on Spotify and connect it to Amazon Alexa by logging into your Spotify account.
  4. Under the default Services category, choose Spotify music library and default podcast library service.

Your Spotify links to the Amazon Alexa now. You can play any library, song, or playlist by just commanding the Alexa device or navigating your phone. These smart speakers can function as Bluetooth speakers and smart devices. So, you are not going to have any troubles operating it. You can also pair a decent set of speakers to them for some extra output.

How to Play Spotify on Alexa with Unlimited Skips

Going with limited Skips can be unforgiving, and there are not many options to choose from here. You can either buy a premium subscription to Spotify or use a trusted music converter. Following are the exact two solutions you will even want in your life to get unlimited skips. But before going into that, here is a quick FYI on how to connect Spotify to Alexa.

Method 1: Subscribe to Spotify Premium and Play Spotify on Alexa

Spotify offers two versions of Spotify. One of those is very familiar to most of you. You are absurd with some of its lacking. And they are substantial, like not being able to skip tracks, play a single song out of a whole playlist, offline downloads, and more. Subscribing to a premium package is a decent solution to the problem. Spotify offers one month of free trial for its premium package. After that, the premium subscription for Spotify will cost you $9.99 per month in the U.S. And in return, you can have the following benefits:

  1. Download offline music in the application
  2. Unlimited skips and shuffles
  3. Navigate and play any song out of any playlist
  4. High quality 320 kbps music
  5. Ad-free experience

Spotify premium couples with Alexa manifold the user experience. The ads-free experience is a favorite feature, along with the unlimited shuffles. Nobody wants to listen to what they don't like. And it hits hard when you are in the swing, and suddenly an ad starts to play. Nonetheless, there are countless benefits to having Spotify Premium. But not all of these translate in the real world. So, what the better solution? Follow me to solution 2.

Method 2. Download Spotify Songs in MP3 and Play Local Music with Alexa

SpotiKeep Spotify Converter is an offline downloader for Spotify. Downloading songs from Spotify is underrated because it's not just downloading. There is a lot of technical magic going on in the background when converting the songs from Spotify. The DRM-protected songs make it hard to crack open for you because of standard encryption with Ogg Vibs format on every piece. And you don't even need a premium subscription to Spotify to download Spotify music. For a little bit of nuance, let's get to the features of the SpotiKeep converter before we get to the download procedure.

  1. Removes DRM protection to avoid any Copyright or patent claims
  2. Accessible output formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC and WAV
  3. Lossless audio quality and batch downloads
  4. Retains the original ID3 tags of artists, songs, and albums
  5. High conversion rates for Windows and Mac, 10x and 5x respectively.

Stage 1: Download Spotify Music in MP3 Format

It's pretty apparent what value the SpotiKeep converter provides. And that real magic is just a few taps far from you. The greatness of the offline downloader lies in its functionality and simplicity. Let's have a look at simple steps to download music from Spotify.

Step 1: Download and Install the SpotiKeep converter. Then launch the application.

Free Download Free Download

Step 2: Copy the song's link to download and paste it in the empty bar in the SpotiKeep converter. Press on Add File. Your music will add to the queue. If you want to batch download the songs, you can keep Copy-pasting the URL and press Add File every time.

Step 3: Customize your output formats on the top right shelf. By default, the output format is MP3, but you can customize it to M4A, FLAC, and WAV. On the bottom left of the SpotiKeep converter, you can change the download location by tapping on the Browse option.

Step 4: After you are done with the above steps, press on Convert in the bottom right. You can see your songs download in real-time. The download speeds are quick due to the high conversion rates. Your music will be there in a matter of seconds.

Stage 2: Play Music from Computer on Alexa

The song saves up in your local folder, and you can share it across any device or platform. But we are here to discuss how to play Spotify on Alexa. Your downloaded music is the same as Spotify music, with the add-ons mentioned above.

Amazon devices can connect to any smart device for playback and navigation. Your computer is no exception to that. You can link your computer to Alexa in simple steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Amazon Alexa page. Sign in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Go to the Settings and select your Amazon device.

Step 3: Now select Bluetooth and pair up your computer with an Amazon Echo device.

Step 4: Once your computer connects to your Amazon device, you can open your local music folder. Play the Spotify songs you have just downloaded using SpotiKeep Converter. And it will stream to the Amazon device. You can also give commands to the Amazon device to play the music for you if it has a microphone.

FAQs of Spotify on Alexa

Can you play Spotify on Alexa?

Yes, you can. Amazon Echo devices are compatible with mainstream media services like Spotify. You can connect your Spotify with Amazon Alexa in simple steps. In the Alexa application, click on settings and tap on Music and Podcast. Select Spotify and link your account by logging in.

Why can't I connect my Spotify to Alexa?

Sometimes even the most delicate fall down due to malfunction. But there is a lot you can help it with. Minor bugs and glitches can solve with the following steps. If not, the problem is not on your device. It's the software of either one of them. Double-check if you still have the subscription and active features to enjoy the privilege.

  1. Remove any cache data and bugs from your Browser or mobile application.
  2. Try to link and unlink your Spotify skill from Alexa.
  3. Logging in may solve the bug for you.
  4. Last but not least, delete the application and install it again. If the problem continues, talk to customer support.

How do I play Spotify on Amazon Echo?

Amazon Alexa is a Bluetooth-capable device and streams through it. Also, it connects to the internet to answer your commands. First, you have to connect Spotify with Alexa by going under the settings > Music and Podcasts > Spotify. Once the account is liked, you can pair up your smart device with Amazon Alexa. And you can playback like any other Bluetooth device. Also, you can give commands like Alexa, play Spotify music for me. And it will play for you.

Can Alexa Play Spotify without the phone?

Technologies are evolving, and modern-day intelligent devices won't need Bluetooth to stream music. Amazon Echo devices are no different. You can connect your Alexa App to any multimedia service like Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, etc. You can discover the applications and stream under the settings in the Alexa application. Also, set your default music library as Spotify under the Default services section. After you finish, you can command your smart speaker to play specific albums, tracks, or music, and it will fetch the data right from the servers for you.

Final Verdict

Spotify and Alexa are two big names when it comes to media services. A blend of both provides a unique taste to your palate. People are adopting intelligent lives, and there is no way music should be left behind. That is why we curate all possible solutions to your queries, including How to link and unlink your Spotify with Alexa. This indeed is a complete guide, but to err is human, and we are open to your suggestions.

We hope you get what you need of the "Spotify on Alexa" query. If you have further questions, please leave us a comment or send us an email via the contact page.

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