Best Way to Download Apple Music Songs for Windows

Do you know what is the best way to download songs from Apple music for Windows computers? Some people may sync the Apple Music playlist to iTunes on Windows and enjoy download Apple Music songs for free during the free trial. But when it comes to expiry, you still have to subscribe to Apple Music. Otherwise, you cannot access the songs you've downloaded. Subscribing to Apple Music is one of the convenient ways to enjoy Apple Music songs.
But is there any better way to download Apple Music files on Windows? Can I get DRM free Apple Music files?
Yes. Apple Music Converter can help you fix all these questions.

CONTENT Part 1. How to Choose an Apple Music Converter? Part 2. Tutorial: How to Convert Apple Music Files to Other Audio Formats?

Part 1. How to Choose an Apple Music Converter?

What a professional Apple Music Converter should be? It will be a solution not only to download Apple Music files but also to remove DRM restriction from Apple Music. To your needs, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is here for you.

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is a great desktop solution for music lovers who want to download songs from Apple Music. It lets users download and convert Apple Music files to plain audio formats, making them become playable on any music players. Equipped with DRM Removal, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is a reliable platform for users to save DRM-free Apple Music files and makes it easy for users to transfer Apple Music files to any other device. With no doubt, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter is one of the best ways to download Apple Music Songs for Windows.

More Great Features about SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter:

* 100% safe to use. No virus and malware will do harm to your computer.
* Multiple output audio formats are supported - MP3, M4A, FLAC, AC3, AAC, AU, AIFF.
* High output audio quality is guaranteed.
* Able to read your created Apple Music playlists via iTunes without logging in your personal account to the software.
* Clutter-free interface design makes users easily catch the information to learn the next step to download Apple Music file.

Part 2. Tutorial: How to Convert Apple Music Files to Other Audio Formats?

Complicated operation keeps users away. SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter aims to offer the easiest Apple Music downloading services to everyone. Even if you 100% newbie, you can easily follow the tutorial below to download your favorite song from Apple Music on Windows.

What Do You Need Before Downloading Apple Music Songs?

- Latest iTunes.
- Latest SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter.
- Stable and fast internet connection.

Step 1. Launch SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter
To begin with, download and install SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter to your Windows or Mac computers. Directly launch the program without any login. Then, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter will start loading your created playlists on Apple Music from iTunes.

NOTE. Fail to load your Apple Music playlists?
Go to Apple Music Settings on your phone. > Turn on "Sync Library". Then, try again.

Step 2. Select Your Favorite Apple Music Songs
Open any playlist on the left sidebar of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter. Then, you can see the detailed information of the playlist on the right side. You are sure to check one or more Apple Music files at the same time because SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter supports batch downloading.

Select Apple Music Songs

Step 3. Output Settings
SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter offers several output audio formats: MP3, AC3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, AU, AAC. You can choose one of them based on your needs. Besides, for advanced settings, you can change the output Bitrate and SampleRate to get better audio quality.

Choose Output Format for Apple Music Files

Step 4. Download Apple Music Files
Click the "Convert" button to start removing DRM restriction from Apple Music songs. You can check the converting process on the pop-up window. After that, go to "Finished" tab to locate the saving path.

Is it easy to download Apple Music songs on Windows? Most people can follow the tutorial above to save DRM-free Apple Music files easily. Hope this tutorial is helpful to you. Please share this post and let more people get help.

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter

Convert and Save your favorite songs from Apple Music Permanently for Free.
Don’t miss a moment of the Music you love.

Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter

Download Spotify songs, albums and playlist Permanently for Free.
Don’t miss a moment of the Music you love.

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